Information Technology Transformation

Nature's Consistent Process - Beautiful Results

Correlation Point applies similar processes (developed through experience) to Data Center Transformations and Migrations: On Premises or Cloud (Public - Private)

Consistent Processes

From Lean IT: Process Consistency is the ability to repeat a process over and over, and get the same results every time.


Business Objectives may be different in Data Center and Cloud Transformation's but the need for a consistent transparent processes to deliver those objectives is universal and it cannot be accomplished with Tools alone.

With these guiding principle's, CP has invested their time, extensive Data Center experience and knowledge base to develop the Correlation Point I - Move Methodology; Infrastructure; Migration, Optimization, Virtualization and Enablement


Extensive Experience

  • Trusted Client Partner / Adviser

  • Data Center Transformation Focus

  • In Depth Vertical Industry Experience

  • Library of Templates - Knowledge Base

  • Engaged and Transparent Client Support

  • SME People and Methodology

  • Seasoned Management

  • Project Transparency

  • Competitive Pricing

Repeatable Methodology

Our Methodology:

Whether P2P, P2V, V2V, V2Cloud.... our repeatable four step methodology provides the framework and processes for our team to gather and analyze the information required to analyze, plan and execute virtually any Data Center Transformation Initiative: Migrations, Optimization, Virtualization or Enablement (Mobility, Cloud, BC/DR...).

  • Customer objectives generate an outline for the “Future State”

  • Discovery documents the “Current State”

  • Analysis Maps “Current” to “Future” State for Gaps

  • Gaps are documented with Recommendations and Road Map(s) to Mitigate

Proven Approach

We don't just write a Statement of Work, we actually follow it. Formats may change as certainly will contents with each project but the process, project reporting, progress to plan, transparency and  approach stays the same. 

This approach requires minimum time from the staff day jobs and builds several critical benefits of team building and ownership as well as providing a white board knowledge transfer overview and validation to the over all plan.

Delivering Objectives

Correlation Point's I - Move Methodology, Repeatable Processes and Statement of Work deliver as promised to customers while providing total visibility and transparency throughout the engagement / project: 

  • Deliverable Mapped Back to Original Customer Objectives

  • Project Repository in Customer Collaborative Site; Excel, Visio, Word, PDF, PowerPoint

  • Project Current State Documented

  • Project High Level Future State Generated

  • Gap’s To Obtain Future State Identified

  • High Level Road Map & Recommendations Presented

  • Next Step - Phase Discussed and/or Planned

Consistent Processes - Proven Approach - Satisfaction Guaranteed

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