Experience - Knowledge Base

Based on our experience, we know up front communications and collaboration are critical to deliver an integrated project success. The Correlation Point team will work with you and your requirements through workshops, research, content you provide or about any method of communications. Our tried and proven approach paves the way for the CP team to start immediately with a  total focus on your business, IT Operations and be productive from the start. Our team will, applying their Knowledge Base and Approach, make immediate contributions to our customer and partner teams by applying our experience, skills and knowledge base using our I - Move Methodology and Processes. It is important to know that the leadership team and staff have accumulated a great deal of Industry Knowledge throughout their careers in IT and Functional roles. 


As we all know, IT does not operate in a vacuum in providing Operations, App Development or Management Strategies. Most everything technology groups do, impacts the Business Units in one way or another. So it is over these years of IT experience and many Functional role's that the CP team has accumulated their  "Industry" knowledge base shown in the table above.


Years of many experiences teach you one thing - consistency counts. Our years of experience in virtually all areas of Data Center Operations, has given us the background to develop our I - Move Methodology to provide a Repeatable and Consistent process to deliver projects driven by objectives from the beginning. From designing DC's for military black holes to laying cable to putting down floor tiles to designing a monitoring process for thousands of servers - we have been there. Our years tell us that every project has objectives and if they are not carefully documented at the beginning and visited throughout the project life the project has a better than average change of failure. If you are interested in any specific area then go to contact and Let's Talk. In the slight chance that we haven't delivered in the domain of interest - we will tell you up front.