Our service offerings all revolve around Project based Data Center Migration, Optimization, Virtualization or Enablement Projects where we use our tested and proven I - Move Methodology and Processes from beginning to end. There are occasions that customers need an SME for short periods of time and we provide that service when needed where we do not use the Methodology but work directly for the customer Project or Technical Manager as a resource only.

All Project Services consistently use the CP I - Move Methodology processes pictured below which are driven by Project Objectives from the beginning. CP uses this repeatable approach from the Methodology to ensure customer transparency and objective driven deliverable:

As shown, the process, while being consistent, changes the focus on artifact collection to achieve the desired outcome or "future state" of the objectives.  For example, a complete move would require documenting the Data Center "Current State' in it's entirety while adapting Cloud capabilities for portions of Data Center services would focus only on the portion of current infrastructure that will or could be impacted by the "Future State".

For most projects, our team will ask for SLA's, RTO's and RPO's since the services in the Data Center are there to deliver those metrics consistently. In addition, the team will gather information of Non App specific supporting infrastructure such as desk top or internet access, authentication, DNS, Domain Controllers, License Servers, Print or File Services, Backup, etc. These services are critical in supporting applications and processes yet many times are not considered until last minute but in our experience are the major stumbling block in implementing "Future State". 

One important note for our neutrality: many Data Centers have evolved over the years versus planned from beginning to end. Mergers, Acquisitions, Add On's, Heterogeneous Hardware, Commercial and Custom Software, Critical One Time fix that has lasted 20 years and Custom Interfaces though necessary for business are sometimes nightmares for a migration team and in many cases have minimum to little documentation.  

We are hardware, software and operation tools agnostic - our experience gives us a green field for understanding. We may not sell it or fix it but we know how it works and if we don't we will find out. In addition, we try to minimize the impact on day jobs by maximizing Kick Off workshops, keeping interviews to 30 minutes and collecting data in any form - White Board Photo's, Hand Drawn, Surface Pro renderings, Visio, PPT, Word, Excel or ... You name it - we have more than likely used it.

Resource Library of Service Summaries

You can dive a bit deeper here in our resource library data sheets that are snapshots summaries of Services that we have provided to numerous customers. Or you can contact us with inquiries and/or questions you may have about what we do and how we go about it.